Checkpoint Linux SSL Network Extender VPN Auto Closes after Connecting.

Not much of a post here… but FYI for everyone – I’m running on Ubuntu Linux.  There is no checkpoint VPN client for Linux, so I have to go through a website and use their “SSL Network Extender”.

A fairly large portion of the time, this seems to hang/break under load (e.g. reading lots of database results).  It also randomly stops working periodically.  I haven’t been able to figure out why honestly.

Eventually, if I keep reconnecting to it, I get into a situation where it auto-closes right after it connects.  I couldn’t fix this until I restarted my laptop.

Anyway, I just figured out that disabling my wireless card and re-enabling it also fixes that issue, and that is much, much faster.  So,  until we figure out the root cause for the other issues, I hope this helps you too!