Presto Hive External Table TEXTFILE Limitations


I was hoping to use hive 2.x with just the hive metastore and not the hive server or hadoop (map-reduce).  Part of this plan was to be able to create tables within Presto; Facebook’s distributed query engine, which can operate over hive, in addition to many other things.

Initial Test Failure – CSV Delimited File

I’m still trying to decide if this is viable or not,  but my first test was not so great.

I created a new database and an external table pointing to a file on my AWS s3 bucket.  The file was a simple CSV delimited file.

Here was the “SQL” I used in Presto:

create schema testdb;

CREATE TABLE testdb.sample_data (
  x varchar(30), y varchar(30), sum varchar(30)
  format = 'TEXTFILE',
  external_location = 's3a://uat-hive-warehouse/sample_data/'

use testdb;

select * from sample_data;

This all ran great, but unfortunately, my results looked like this:

x     | y    | sum
1,2,3 | null | null
4,5,6 | null | null

The Problem

So, it turns out that Presto over hive, when targeting text files, does not support arbitrarily delimited files. In my case, I was pointing to a simple CSV file. So, it literally read all of the data into the first column and gave up.

It is actually viewing the file as delimited; but it only supports the \001 delimiter; ASCII control code 1, which is unprintable.

You can still go use parquet, orc, or whatever you want – but this makes CSV more than useless from Presto’s perspective. You can go create the table in hive first and it probably will work; but Presto cannot be the creator in this case :(.

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